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To tailor our services to your specific needs, we encourage you to fill out the provided fields with detailed information about your unique situation. By doing so, you help us gain a deeper understanding of your requirements. If you meet our criteria, a senior strategist from our team will promptly reach out to arrange a personalised consultation.


Customer Testimonials

"The team at Greenrock Advisory have continued working with us towards our future goals, in a smooth and professional manner. Working closely with Steph in the past 12 months, she has been extremely supportive, helpful and has gone above and beyond to make sure all the information we needed was there to help make the right decisions throughout our property purchases. I have also worked closely with Michael, and he too has assisted us greatly towards our financial future and cares about our family and our future goals as though we are apart of his. Which is how Greenrock Advisory have become, like family. I would highly recommend Steph and Michael in assisting anyone towards their financial future"

- Scott & Jacquie McCafferty


""We would highly recommend Greenrock Advisory to people who are looking for accurate, helpful and tailored investment advice. From the initial meeting and throughout the investment process we have been guided by Greenrock Advisory staff and their associates. My wife and I have invested ourselves over the years and found the advice and guidance from Greenrock Advisory invaluable in understanding what other options are available. Their advice was tailored to our situation and our goals into the future. They provided an end to end service overlapping with financial planning. legal advice, property research, finance and property management. We felt well advised and there was no pressure to rush our decision making. We would like to thank all the people involved at Greenrock Advisory and their associates, with an extra big thankyou to Chloe who was so helpful throughout the whole process"

- Rod & Sam Hayes


Property Investment

We are dedicated to assisting you in identifying high-performing properties that will enhance your financial position in a secure and reliable manner, whether you're a first-time home buyer or an existing homeowner. 

Financial Planning 

Our affiliates offer prudent money management and considerate investment strategies. Through comprehensive financial planning, they assist you in laying a solid foundation for wealth generation and future stability.


We believe in the power of diversity and strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected. Our team is dedicated to supporting clients from all walks of life in achieving their property investment goals.